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Jiangsu Clock Lubricant Co.,Ltd.


Since its establishment in 2005, CLOCK® lubricants have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. Currently, it has 1 call center, 1 central laboratory, 2 production bases and 3 warehouse logistics centers (Wuxi Huadong warehouse, Xiamen Huanan warehouse, Dongying Huabei warehouse) look at the global market. CLOCK lubricants logistics distribution has deeply covered all counties and cities in the country. Since 2014, exporting countries 公司大门.jpghave gradually spread from Asia to Europe, Africa and even South America. CLOCK has served more than 3,000 customers in different fields, specializing in automotive, steel, petrochemical, military, electric power, aerospace, marine, electronics, plastics, machinery, mining, road and bridge, textile, chemical fiber, chemical, building materials, food, medicine, Agroforestry, solar energy, photovoltaic semiconductors and other industries provide quality technical services and reliable lubrication solutions.

Our business philosophy is based on morality, quality first, customer first; adhere to green environmental protection, professionalism with professionalism. We are willing to continue to develop together with our customers with a mindset of sustainable development.

In the ten years of wind and rain, CLOCK Luke has experienced the ten years of development, growth and growth. Through continuous technical integration and experimental innovation, it has won the contract and trustworthy

enterprise of Jiangsu Province, the famous trademark enterprise of Jiangsu Province, the national high-tech enterprise, Jiangsu There are more than 30 famous and famous brands in the lubricant industry and national organic heat carrier members. CLOCK people know that the honor is more responsibility and dedication.35.jpg

With its superb industrial knowledge, CLOCK has developed unrivaled and comprehensive professional product and technical service projects designed specifically for industrial equipment to meet and exceed their requirements for lubricant. CLOCK offers these specialized products and services in the global market and is recognized and certified by a wide range of thermal system manufacturers, organic heat carrier boiler manufacturing and mining equipment manufacturers.

CLOCK's unique equipment and mechanical health warning system - CENT is based on oil sampling analysis and expert consultation, and provides timely information to users through modern information means.Effective safety measures to deal with equipment failures. The CENT system is an important symbol of CLOCK's distinction from general oil suppliers and is widely welcomed by users around the world.

The focus on product development, technology and applications has made CLOCK one of the world's most successful and recognized producers of metalworking fluids.27.jpg

CLOCK lubricants are used in a wide range of applications to increase performance and profitability while extending the life of mechanical and industrial equipment.

CLOCK offers a full range of industrial oils:

Thermal oil

Transformer oil

Fast Quench

Hydrax oil

Epax -EP

Slide oil

Knittex oil

Cryol oil

Vacus oil

Glide fm oil Soluble Oil, Neat cutting oils and Grinding Fluidc Global patented brand water soluble, pure oily cutting and grinding products.

Planto mikro and Ecocut Mikro Series – Rapid biodegradable high-tech products and the smallest amount of lubricants that focus on occupational safety.

With a comprehensive CLOCK® brand grease line, it provides the most suitable lubrication solution for a wide range of applications, improving machine tool and equipment performance, efficiency and longevity.

Grease for mining industry: such as grease for large-scale open-pit mining equipment, such as grease for systems such as conveyor belt bearings and scroll drive systems.



Industrial Grease: Special industrial grease for the automotive industry, steel, textile, power, cement, ceramics, etc.



CLOCK is committed to improving product quality, providing customers with reliable service and the best economical price/performance ratio.

As an independent lubricant manufacturer in the industry, CLOCK Energy Petrochemical has become one of the leaders in the lubricant industry.

In today's society, the demand for high-performance mechanical equipment is increasing, and the increasing utilization efficiency leads to higher speed and higher load, and various results make the lubricating oil face more pressure. CLOCK lubricants can solve these problems. To date, CLOCK lubricants meet and exceed the requirements and standards of machine tool builders with superior performance.

Longer oil change intervals and reduced maintenance costs give customers the best economic benefits.The high-quality and reliable supplier of PetroChina Karamay lubricants has made Clarke lubricants superior to other brands of lubricants for many years.

Similarly, the development trend of CLOCKk's product technology combines humanities, technology and environmental factors. Clark people will work together with customers to create a green and harmonious environment!

Finally, thanks to the customers who support ClOCK on the way, thank you!