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Five Advantages Of Products

  • long life
  • Arc suppression
  • Fast heat dissipation
  • Good heat transfer efficiency
  • good thermal stability

Product Details


Product Description

    CLOCK THERMAL is manufactured from solvent extracted paraffinic base oil specifically designed for use as a heat transfer fluid. Contains an effective inhibitor to assist in keeping systems clean and resist oxidation and thermal cracking. The low viscosity of CLOCK THERM permits rapid and efficient transfer of heat and greater ease of circulation.


    Recommended for use in both open and  cAlose systems found in asphalt plants,chemical plants and other industries.

     Used in closed systems where the bulk fluid temperature does not exceed 600ºF


    Used in open systems where fluid temperatures do not exceed 395ºF at point of contact with air.The fluid's most likely point of contact with air occurs at the expansion tank which is vented to the atmosphere.

     Petroleum  products are not recommended for heat transfer systems where bulk fluid temperature exceeds 600ºF in both  open and  closed  systems.

      In open systems where oil is exposed toir ,the oil temperature should always be 25ºF lower than the flash point of the oil.


      low viscosity for efficient heat transfer.

      Good thermal and oxidation stability for long service life.

      High thermal conductivity for quick rates of heat transfer

      low pour point to avoid cold start difficulties.

      Non-corrosive to steel, stainless steel or aluminum heat transfer systems.

     Economical -long life oil


Typical Inspections

Appearance                                  Light yellow transparent liquid

Component                                          Straight chain

Flash point(OpeningºC)≥                               205

Pour point  (ºC)≤                                          -17

Density 20ºC g/cm3                                    0.85-0.87

Copper corrosion(100ºC 3h level)                 0.111-0.113      

Acid value mgKOH/g≤                                   0.029

Water content mgKOH/g≤                              200

Thermal conductivity  kcal/m.h. (100ºC)           0.111-0.113

Kinematic viscosity(50ºC Cst)                            19-21

Carbon residue %  ≤                                         0.01

Ash content %                                                  0.01

Specific heatkcal/kg. (100ºC)                             0.46-0.47

Distillation rangeºC5%≥                                     320

Maximum film temperature ºC≤                         320

Recommended operating temperature                -15℃-275℃

Mechanical impurities                    


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