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  • Company : Jiangsu Clock Lubricant Co.,Ltd.
  • Telephone : 86-18121053868
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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Heat dissipation
  • Arc suppression
  • Good cooling
  • Liquid seal
  • Insulation

Product Details

Product Description
     CLOCK VLOT,INHIBITED TRANSFORMER OIL is made from low viscosity,high chemical stability,and low carbon forming base oils.This highly refined product has a high resistance to oxidation,and has high electric strength.
Typical Uses
     CLOCK VOLT TRANSFORMAER OIL is recommended for use in transformers and electrical switchgear.

     High resistance to oxidation.
     Extremely pure and clean giving high insulating ability and electric strength.
     Carefully dried and filtered before packaging.
     Drums in storage should be stacked on their sides.
Typical Inspections
     MASS DENSITY @15ºC(kg/1)                        0.886
     FLASH POINT,(open cup)ºC                           148
     POUR POINTºC                                                  <-50
              SUS@100 ºF                                               57
              SUS@210 ºF                                               33
               cSt@40ºC                                                    9.4
               SUS@100ºC                                                2.3

Jiangsu Clock Lubricant Co.,Ltd.

Contact Person: cynthia

Telephone: 86-18121053868

Landline: 86-0512-57735677

Company Address: No.386 Wan’an Rd, Zhoushi Town, Kunshan City, China


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